Building a strong, healthy, vibrant community for children and families.

Our Current and Past Events

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About Better Beginnings Waterloo

In 2012, a small group of neighbours in North Waterloo came together to improve the lives of children between 4 years and 8 years old and their families by connecting community members, schools and families.

Since we first started meeting in 2012, the Better Beginnings Waterloo group has grown. We are community members from different schools – parents, volunteers, teachers, principals and those who support us. WE are empowered to help decide what happens in OUR community!

Everyone can help. Your contribution is important.

Together let’s inspire our children reach their full potential and to become healthy, vibrant and contributing adults. We will grow and learn together.

Come join in.  See the change we can make when we work together to build connection and hope. Call us, write to us, and watch for us around the schools.

Welcome to Better Beginnings Waterloo!