Jeremy Horne, MSW – Project Director

Jeremy has been a long term resident of the Lakeshore community, it was his question of 12 years ago to the principal of Cedarbrae School that helped to get things started; ‘What do your students need? How can we help?”

Steadily over the years, programming has grown as community members made their needs known. Jeremy has a role in much of our programs and is very involved in encouraging people to make the best contribution.

At his heart of heart he is a social worker and enjoys nothing more than sitting down with a mom to see how he can help or chatting with a group of teens or participating in a brainstorming time with parents and staff.

Heather Powers, MSW, RSW – Family and Community Coordinator

Heather first got to know the community in her student days and simply decided to stay.

Heather along with team have designed a series of programs and activities that have resulted in an ever increasing number of parents becoming more involved. Heather coordinates a number of parents support groups that have become well known for the care they extend to one another, their laughter, and the quality of the food they make together.

Her clear and strategic thinking helps us forge our way forward but if you ask Heather she will quickly tell you that her greatest enjoyment comes while visiting the home of one of our families and drinking cups of sweet and strong coffee, while talking about various life challenges.

Scilla Owusu-Amoah B.Sc. – Children’s Program Coordinator

Scilla first became involved in our community as a student of Kinesiology at University of Waterloo.

She has had the privilege of getting to know a number of families and has developed a passion for serving children and youth in the community. As a canFitPro certified Group Fitness Instructor, and dance instructor, Scilla enjoys celebrating movement in all forms and incorporating that into programs.

As the Children’s Program Coordinator with Better Beginnings, she helps to develop a variety of programs designed to enable individuals to recognize their value and contribution to their community. Scilla has become very skilled at mobilizing people towards deeper contribution.

Nazmi El-Kawash – Program Facilitator

Nazmi has been an active member of our North Waterloo community since she and her family settled here four years ago.

During the last three years, her career has developed from a volunteer and child care provider to a program facilitator for children and parents.

Along with her colleagues in Adventure4Change, Nazmi brings here positive and buoyant spirit to help organize and lead an array of dynamic programs.  

Naheed Bibi – Program Facilitator

It’s abundantly clear that Naheeds great joy in life comes from her 4 children, and Better Beginnings Waterloo is happy to be her second or even third joy.

Nasheed’s positive outlook and insightful mind means that her contribution is greatly valued. Naheed brings her experience and skill to child care, program coordination and team discussions. Parents and children alike feel welcomed and secure when Naheed is present.