Better Beginnings is an evidence-based project designed to prevent problems and promote healthy development among children, families, and communities. The program emphasizes resident participation, community partnerships, universal, holistic prevention programs, and using schools as central locations for programs and supports.

Better Beginnings Waterloo Project Research Component:

Dr. Geoffrey Nelson at Wilfrid Laurier University led the evaluation research with assistance from Dr. Julian Hasford (Postdoctoral Fellow at Laurier) and Kathleen Worton (PhD Student at Laurier). Salma Bangash was the community researcher and conducted all of the interviews with parents. The Better Beginnings Research in 2015-2016 included two types of evaluations, a baseline evaluation, and an implementation evaluation.

The Summary of Research Findings includes: How we do research? What have parents told us so far? What have been some successes and challenges in planning and implementing Better Beginnings? What is planned next? Read more.

Jessica Noble (MA Student at Laurier) completed the implementation evaluation of the BBW project. Resident participation is a vital factor and key prerequisite to the planning, development and implementation of community-driven projects.  Her study evaluates the challenges and success of BBW in this area. Her thesis: The Nature of Resident Participation in the Exploration and Installation Stages of the Implementation of a Community-based Primary Prevention Program for Young Children

At the conclusion of the four year mark, starting in January of 2019, the Laurier research team will conduct further research to assess the impact of the project on the community it has served.